Recent Why SERVPRO Before & After Photos

New Orleans Water Damage Affects Entire Home

A water heater in New Orleans was the source of a huge water damage issue. The homeowner brought in SERVPRO as they discovered water under the tiles in the kitc... READ MORE

New Orleans Bathroom Needs Deep Clean After Water Damage

Water damage in a New Orleans home needs attention to ensure it gets handled for the best outcome. This problem gets amplified when the water contains sewage. A... READ MORE

Fire And Water Damage In New Orleans

A homeowner in New Orleans called our crew about a disaster in their home. Their home experienced a fire but also suffered water damage from firefighting effort... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in New Orleans

When SERVPRO technicians treat a house for water damage, we carefully inspect the content for possible mold infestations. The nightstand, in this New Orleans ho... READ MORE

New Orleans Water Loss

A driving rain can drench the interior of a New Orleans home if the windows are left open or the siding is compromised. Water can wick and move laterally, horiz... READ MORE

New Orleans Mold Remediation

When a small leak goes unnoticed inside the wall in a New Orleans bathroom, the result can often be a mold infestation. The dark wall cavity, with cardboard bac... READ MORE

Water Damage – New Orleans Offices

Water damage at this New Orleans office was the result of a bathroom water supply line springing a leak overnight. When the office workers arrived the next morn... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage In Morgan City

When your Morgan City business experiences a water damage disaster, you need to call in the experts at SERVPRO. When our specialists arrive at your property, t... READ MORE

Terrytown Mold and Water Problem

When water leaks and goes unnoticed in a wall cavity for some days, the damage can be quite extensive. In a Terrytown home as pictured in the Before Photo, a co... READ MORE

New Orleans Roof Leak and Mold Remediation

Since mold spores are everywhere, just a bit of water and a food source, in this case, the sheathing and trusses in a New Orleans residence, result in mold dama... READ MORE