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SERVPRO Provides Expert Fire Restoration Services to New Orleans

4/7/2024 (Permalink)

a fire damaged room with debris everywhere and soot covering everything Fire damage needs to be repaired ASAP. Contact SERVPRO for certified technicians and professional equipment to help you.

We Simplify Fire Restoration For You

You can easily see some of the many changes caused by a fire. The destruction, grime, and odors can seem overwhelming. This situation calls for experts in fire restoration. You can depend on SERVPRO® to complete the work your New Orleans home needs.

There are several regulations regarding fire restoration in New Orleans. SERVPRO's networking efforts have built solid connections with government workers, who keep us informed of new rules and regulations. With this knowledge, we can more easily provide top-notch service while ensuring we meet all municipal code requirements.

We pass pertinent information on to you so you can maneuver the post-fire situation with less stress. Knowing what to expect and why often decreases feelings of uncertainty. Here are a few things our IICRC-certified team will discuss with you and your family:

  • New floor plans and other changes,
  • Exterior damage, and
  • Estimated timelines for each stage of the restoration process.

Depending on the damage, options might open up for new floor plans that can provide extra floor space, more closets, or other unexpected benefits to your family. Less severe damage often means floor coverings, countertops, and cabinetry receive updated replacements to achieve compliance with local codes.

Gutters, shingles, siding, and window treatments often succumb to high heat during a fire. We also restore these areas, ensuring your home is safe and secure. Some of this work involves water damage. Firefighting requires water. Additional water damage happens from newly-made openings in the roof and other areas of your home's exterior.

Several areas of your home require attention - flooring, walls, ceilings, removing anything destroyed, creating inventory lists, cleaning, securing the property, and much more. These services take time, and we can estimate the completion of each one.

Call SERVPRO of The New Orleans Westbank at (504) 348-7526 when your home needs fire restoration. We will keep you informed and up-to-date about every phase.

Why WRT Matters for New Orleans Water Restoration

1/3/2024 (Permalink)

demo ceiling over kitchen cabinets, dryer close by "Like it never even happened," means that SERVPRO removes water damaged materials, dries out the kitchen, and repairs.

Water Damage Help for New Orleans

In New Orleans, a city celebrated for its rich history, vibrant culture, and distinctive architecture, water mitigation emerges as a critical service to maintain the integrity and safety of both residential and commercial buildings. The city's unique geographical location and subtropical climate make it particularly susceptible to water-related issues. This aspect makes Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT) certified through training from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) exceptionally equipped to address these challenges.

Water restoration in New Orleans is essential, particularly in areas prone to flooding or frequent heavy rains. The city's architecture, ranging from historic to modern structures, requires careful and expert handling when dealing with water intrusion. SERVPRO®'s team of professionals understands the complexities of water restoration in such a diverse urban landscape.

Common Issues

Several problems can arise in both residential and commercial properties due to prolonged water exposure, including:

  • Structural weakening of building components.
  • Mold growth.
  • Damage to electrical systems, leading to potential safety hazards.
  • Deterioration of carpets, furniture, and other interior elements.
  • Interruption of day-to-day activities

Professional Water Cleanup

SERVPRO tackles water restoration with a combination of expertise and advanced technology. Their approach includes:

  • Rapid water extraction using powerful pumps and vacuums.
  • Use of dehumidifiers and air movers.
  • Advanced moisture detection equipment ensures no hidden water remains.
  • Mold remediation techniques to prevent health hazards.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing treatments to restore affected items.
  • Reconstruction services for severely damaged areas.

With a team of WRT-certified employees, SERVPRO ensures that each water restoration project in New Orleans is handled with utmost professionalism and efficiency. Their expertise, combined with state-of-the-art equipment, makes them the top choice for residents and business owners in the city to make a lousy water situation "Like it never even happened." 

Contact us at (504) 822-6029.                                  

Help With Mold Damage In New Orleans

11/3/2023 (Permalink)

Image of SERVPRO crew wearing hard hats with the caption: 24/7 LARGE LOSS SUPPORT SERVPRO If your New Orleans Westbank business experiences mold damage, call SERVPRO. We're Faster to any size disaster™.

SERVPRO® Saves New Orleans Businesses from Mold Damage 

New Orleans, renowned for its vibrant culture and rich history, boasts a plethora of captivating monuments and tourist attractions that embody its distinct charm. Among its notable landmarks is the iconic St. Louis Cathedral, an awe-inspiring symbol of faith and architectural grandeur in the heart of the French Quarter. In addition, the hauntingly beautiful Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 enthralls visitors with its elaborate above-ground tombs, paying homage to the city's unique burial customs. 

Prompt attention and regular inspections from SERVPRO are crucial to prevent mold damage in New Orleans commercial buildings. Our skilled technicians ensure thorough mold removal, effective prevention of future growth, and restoration of affected areas, providing peace of mind to business owners in the city.

Containment as a Tool for Mold Remediation 

Containment is a crucial tool in mold remediation to prevent the spread of mold fragments and spores and protect unaffected areas of commercial buildings during the remediation process. SERVPRO mold specialists aim to create a controlled environment that isolates the affected area, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.

SERVPRO techs use the following to create an efficient containment-

  • Set up physical barriers with 6 mil polyethylene sheeting 
  • Create negative air pressure within the contained areas using negative air machines
  • Use air filtration devices equipped with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters

SERVPRO techs regularly monitor containment integrity and air quality throughout the remediation process to ensure that the containment measures remain effective and that the remediation proceeds smoothly.

Local expertise is invaluable for commercial mold damage restoration in the vibrant city of New Orleans. With its unique climate and historic architecture, businesses in the town face specific challenges in dealing with mold growth. Whether it is a renowned French Quarter restaurant or a Garden District boutique hotel, SERVPRO brings its expertise, cultural understanding, and dedication to providing top-quality mold damage restoration services to businesses in this vibrant city.

Call SERVPRO of The New Orleans Westbank at (504) 348-7526 for a mold remediation service you can trust.

SERVPRO Franchise Training Program Graduates in Gallatin, Tennessee

10/24/2023 (Permalink)

two graduates of servpro training Our SERVPRO of The New Orleans West Bank Team just got stronger. Here to Help®

More Highly Trained SERVPRO Team Members

Part of the SERVPRO® advantage is the experience and training that the entire team takes part in. Recently, Madison Scott (in black) and Kimberly Nicholes (in blue) of The New Orleans Westbank completed extensive training that spanned three weeks.

The Franchise Training Program occurred at the SERVPRO Industries, LLC, headquarters in Gallatin, Tennessee. During this immersive training, franchise owners and employees train on every aspect of the business to help prepare them for serving local communities with trusted water, fire, and mold damage restoration.

With SERVPRO, you can count on results that make it “Like it never even happened.”

Reliable New Orleans Reconstruction Services in Demand

9/12/2023 (Permalink)

tech cleaning rebuilt drywall house Consider the extensive SERVPRO experience from water or fire damage cleanup to restoration and build back. We make your New Orleans home whole again.

Why SERVPRO® Is a New Orleans Damage Recovery Resource

Residents and visitors to New Orleans delight in the opportunities the city offers to experience a wide range of architectural styles. The city's neighborhood names evoke the centuries-spanning residential and commercial property treasures within Uptown, the Garden District, Marigny, Treme, the French Quarter, Algiers, and many more. Explore the city's stately mansions, cozy Creole cottages, multi-story American and Creole townhouses, iconic shotgun houses, and famous or eclectic cafes and shops on self-directed rambles. Take advantage of walking, segway, bike, bus, or boat tours operated day and night by dozens of local guides. However, you accomplish it, immersing yourself in the architectural wonders of the Crescent City presents adventures not to be missed.

The risk of significant damage to the city's beloved homes and businesses is high because of the age and relative fragility of properties in the best-known neighborhoods. This vulnerability is why SERVPRO New Orleans building reconstruction services commit to stepping in with interventions essential to retaining the ambiance of historic and unique NOLA properties. Whether severe weather, failing plumbing, leaky roofs, mold, or fire exposes sites to structural destruction, our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-certified work crews are ready to:

  • Assess hazards and plan for restoration
  • Secure buildings from the elements, including tarping and boarding
  • Complete needed emergency services due to water, mold, or fire damage, including fluid and moisture removal, applied structural drying, microbial remediation, cleaning and sanitizing, and deodorization
  • Perform controlled demolition to help accomplish damage mitigation and remediation
  • Arrange for the repair, replacement, rehabilitation, and reconstruction of homes and businesses after the remediation

An excellent place to find recommendations for neighborhood tours and other activities in New Orleans is the NOLA Tourism Site. Various of the area's offerings are gathered here, with links to things to do and places to stay and dine. Trust in the commitment of property owners and SERVPRO to join together to keep these establishments in tip-top shape for your pleasure when exploring the city.

Damaged buildings in The Crescent City frequently need reconstruction services, which is why SERVPRO of The New Orleans Westbank rises to the challenge. Call (504) 348-7526 to learn about our disaster recovery wrap-around resources.

Handling Mold Restoration in New Orleans Homes

5/15/2023 (Permalink)

mold growth along wall SERVPRO's IICRC trained team is trained and available to remediate mold damage.

Minimizing Mold Remediation Problems in New Orleans with SERVPRO

Mold is a safety hazard since it destroys organic structural materials by gradually weakening them. Disturbing the colonies can release some into the air as debris increasing the chances of harmful contact with people. Hiring SERVPRO to manage mold restoration enhances your safety.

A well-managed mold restoration at your New Orleans home requires isolating contaminated areas from the rest of the property to keep any disturbed debris from spreading. Our IICRC trained SERVPRO crews also use negative air pressure machines to enhance mold debris capture, thus improving comfort and safety. However, you can also minimize the time you spend within your premises once mold-infested to reduce the chances of contact with the microbial agent. Spending time in a recreational park or attending a show is one of the best ways to leave the house.

New Orleans Recreation Parks

  • Lafitte Greenway is a 2.6-mile trail perfect for jogging, biking, or walking. It starts at the edge of the French Quarter to the Mid-city area, so you can enjoy stunning city views as you move along.
  • New Orleans City Park ranks as one of the largest urban parks in the country since it covers 1300 acres. You can enjoy numerous playgrounds, walking paths, botanical gardens, and an amusement park.
  • Audubon Park is famous for picnics, but you can also jog or play sports since a playground and tennis court exist. The oak trees in the park create a serene environment.
  • Louis Armstrong Park is a 31-acre cultural hub in the historic Tremé neighborhood that celebrates New Orleans' history and music. You can enjoy concerts, films or other events.

Apart from spending time in serene environments within the city, you can also choose to try different shows since New Orleans is known for its vibrant entertainment scene. A unique event like the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience allows you to sample diverse artist lineups, installations, and other attractions. You can also attend the world-renowned WrestleMania event, which attracts fans worldwide. The Mardi Gras is another world-famous event in the city featuring parades, costumes, and parties.

SERVPRO of The New Orleans Westbank has what you need for successful mold restoration. Call us at (504) 348-7526. 

Likely Outcomes of Water Damage on Your New Orleans Business Premises

5/4/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Van with Equipment When you have Mold on your property, you need to call the technicians at SERVPRO.

How SERVPRO Intervention Limits Water Repairs in New Orleans

Water is a silent enemy against materials since exposure triggers minor and major problems in many sections of your business premises. If your New Orleans worksite has water damage, resolving it can be costly, inconvenient, and may interfere with your business operations. SERVPRO provides unique solutions to address the problems and inconveniences 

Ensuring convenience when resolving water damage in New Orleans premises partly depends on how well you understand the potential problems. Unlike other factors that damage properties, moisture effects take time to develop. Our SERVPRO technicians can assess your situation and inform you of potential issues and ways to resolve them correctly.

Problems that develop from moisture:

  • Stuck doors and windows or uneven floors
  • Rust and corrosion
  • Biohazard contamination
  • Mold or mildew growth

Moisture changes materials in ways that you might not expect. A problem like swelling in wooden materials after significant moisture absorption may leave you with inconveniences, such as interior doors failing to open or raised floor areas that may trip people. Reversing these changes is essential before they become permanent. When you involve SERVPRO, our crews can use specialized drying techniques, such as creating drying chambers for better moisture control and reversing the changes. 

Water Intrusion May Leave Your Property Unsanitary

Uncontrolled accumulation of microorganisms and vermin in any property is considered unsanitary. Although you cannot notice, there are microbial processes in the water retained by materials or stagnating on surfaces. With time you may end up with widespread mold infestation around the property. 

Unless the leak originates from a contaminated source such as a sewer line, other leaks do not cause unsanitary conditions instantaneously. However, they require a timely response and other actions to prevent the situation from changing. 

Other actions that help combat unsanitary conditions:

  • Using fast water extractors 
  • Applying biocides on wet surfaces
  • Finalizing drying by dehumidifying the property

SERVPRO of The New Orleans Westbank is ready to handle water damage at your business premises, limiting its long-term effects. Call us at (504) 348-7526. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

New Orleans Fire Damage Restoration and Mitigation Services

4/5/2023 (Permalink)

living room ceiling with fire damage Fire damage can encompass both soot and lingering odors. Make sure to contact SERVPRO in New Orleans for remediation services.

Fire Damage in New Orleans Properties is Addressed with Several Approaches

Because of how urgent the situation becomes when fire loss incidents occur and impact your home or business, it is essential to have experienced professionals capable of providing each of the necessary steps to return the structure to preloss condition. Ultimately, the fire restoration process can consist of four main stages. These include:

  • Emergency Services – the earliest stage where actions are taken to protect the property from harm and occupants from unsafe conditions
  • Mitigation – a subsequent stage where early actions are taken to slow the progression of loss effects with measures such as content relocation and air quality improvement.
  • Restoration/Cleaning – an involved stage of recovery where focused efforts are pointed at surface damage like soot deposits and smoke residues. 
  • Repairs and Reconstruction – this is among the final stages of recovery, and one where we replace any missing building materials and repair damages caused to utilities and the structure.

Fire damage in New Orleans properties can be a formidable presence, especially if there was a delay in contacting restoration services to help. As a preferred vendor for insurance work in the region, we are a trusted name to complete needed damage documentation and evidence, detailed estimations, and any other pertinent information to get damage claims approved rapidly.

What Are Emergency Services?

Emergency services describe the combination of early steps to mitigate damage before even the job scoping phase. This initial effort prioritizes specific actions to protect the property and its contents from further irreparable harm. This typically utilizes our contractor license to complete controlled demolition in compromised areas and temporary construction solutions for exposed vulnerabilities of your property.

Mitigation of Fire Damage Losses

Unlike emergency services, mitigation happens after claims work has already begun and the scope of the restoration process has been detailed. In these actions, SERVPRO professionals prioritize eliminating additional threats that impact the responding technicians, house occupants, or other third parties involved in getting life back to normal after a disaster. Mitigation can include:

  • Water Removal
  • Content Relocation
  • Air Quality Improvement

Cleaning Up After Fire Damage

The most severe obstacle to a property’s preloss condition is often the widespread soot damage in the structure. Smoke remediation is a complicated portion of fire recovery and restoration, involving specific practices and effective cleaning products from our supply. Some of the usual restorative actions we take include:

  • Soot Removal – Soot and smoke removal are vital, requiring solvents, detergents, abrasive cleaning, and more approaches to managing threats.
  • Carpet Cleaning – Carpets can be heavily damaged by residues, smoke, and soot particles. We have bonnet cleaning and other equipment for hot water extraction that restores the vibrancy of this flooring while removing set-in soils.
  • Odor Removal – Malodors are an offensive byproduct of combustion and one that can infiltrate porous surfaces and contents. We have efficient deodorization products and equipment to help. 

Does SERVPRO Complete Repairs? 

Fires often require some repair or reconstruction, and with our contractor license, we can complete these build-back services as necessary. With hundreds of thousands living in New Orleans alone, it is vital to seamlessly transition to the next phase of post-fire damage recovery to return your home to preloss condition as quickly as possible. We seamlessly transition to the reconstruction phase after restoration.

When contending with fire damage in New Orleans homes and businesses, we are a trusted vendor for insurance work and a knowledgeable contractor to help get your property back to its original state before the disaster. Give our SERVPRO of The New Orleans Westbank team a call to help when you need it at (504) 348-7526.

Restoring New Orleans Water Damage Rapidly

4/5/2023 (Permalink)

water damage equipment on a kitchen subfloor We have powerful drying and extraction equipment to restore water damage in your New Orleans home. Call us today!

SERVPRO Has Several Fast Water Damage Solutions for New Orleans Homes

Representing a city of nearly 400,000 and its sprawling general region, disasters like plumbing leaks, burst pipes, and appliance failures happen every day. Restoring properties to preloss conditions is a product of several mitigating and recovery steps to clean, dry, and repair the residence. We are ready to help in this venture 24/7 to ensure that emergency services are started as soon as possible.

Faster To Any Size Disaster

New Orleans water damage appears in many forms, from broken plumbing to flooding, so restoration professionals responding need to be prepared for anything. IICRC–Certified Water Restoration Technicians (WRT) make up the bulk of our restoration roster, ensuring that there are always professionals ready and able to respond whenever disasters strike. True to our slogan, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. We keep vehicles in our fleet continually stocked for water mitigation with:

  • Extractors
  • Air Movers
  • Heaters
  • Cleaning Products
  • Vacuums
  • Deodorizers

Emergency Services 

Emergency services describe the series of actions taken even before much of the mitigation for the property begins. The fast arrival of our SERVPRO team with our contractor license allows us to make the work area safer for the WRT-Certified technicians arriving to mitigate loss. Emergency services can include:

  • Content Relocation
  • Controlled Demolition
  • Utility Repairs
  • Extraction

Tools of Effective Water Removal

Water mitigation typically hinges most directly on the actions taken to remove standing water on the property's floors. Depending on the severity of the pooling and the impact on nearby materials and contents, several extraction devices are necessary to complete this mitigation phase, including:

  • Pumps 

Truck-mount extractors, trash pumps, and electric submersible pumps are powerful and consistent extraction choices for substantial pooling concerns. Many of the units in our supply can discharge hundreds of gallons of water per minute, allowing us to manage excessive standing water threats in a structure quickly.

  • Vacuums

Wet vacuums are among the most versatile pieces of water damage restoration equipment in our inventory. These are lightweight, portable, and can be used with several attachments and extensions for specific purposes. Vacuums are used when standing water is shallower than a couple of inches or the work area is challenging to access. 

  • Specialty Tools 

While the bulk of this workload is managed by combining vacuums and pumps from our supply, specific devices and machines help in particular extraction cases. Carpet wands, for example, are a powerful extraction machine for fibers of the carpet and the respective padding underneath.

Thorough Drying Solutions

It is crucial to provide efficient drying with any restoration project involving water damage. Thorough production of this recovery phase is a priority, as missing moisture pockets or mismanaging water exposure can result in more significant secondary effects like structural degradation or microbial development. This process rests on the placement and number of air movers deployed throughout the damaged area. Placed several feet apart, axial and centrifugal styles of air mover force airflow against damp surfaces for effective drying.

Will Your Home Need Build-Back Services?

Water damage repairs are a common need for many homes and businesses. Understanding the structural impact of moisture and standing water on your residence can show where these build-back services and reconstruction steps are necessary. Often, water impacts building elements where pooling moisture can remain for greater lengths of time, such as:

  • Around Plumbing
  • Wall Systems
  • Ceiling Assemblies
  • Flooring

Our professionals can mobilize fast with effective water removal, drying, and cleanup tools when addressing water damage in New Orleans homes. Trust our SERVPRO of The New Orleans Westbank team when your property suffers a loss to make it "Like it never even happened." Call now at (504) 348-7526.

When New Orleans Mold Damage Should Be Removed

4/5/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employee setting up a containment barrier in a mold damaged room SERVPRO will get to the root of the mold problem in your New Orleans home and work to eliminate and prevent further growth. Call us today!

SERVPRO Helps with Efficient Remediation of Mold Damage in New Orleans

Environmental moisture is something property owners in New Orleans have learned to manage and contend with, including installing dehumidifiers in susceptible properties. When mold results from moist conditions, it is imperative to get professional assistance to begin remediation and cleanup before the situation gets worse.

Flooding and Mold Damage

New Orleans mold damage is more common than many property owners in the parish might think. While flooding is a typical threat to the region and its houses, these are not the only contributing conditions that can facilitate mold growth. Colonies can be supported by persistent moisture in a residence from high humidity, unresolved water damage, flooding, and dozens of other causes.

Where is Mold Colonizing?

It might not necessarily be easy to find mold in your home, even if it is likely that some degree of damage exists. Physical signs can point to active colonization, which can help you narrow the organism's location and get the appropriate restoration professionals moving to help. Symptoms of colonization include:

  • Spotting
  • Malodors
  • Moist Areas

Utilizing Surface Treatment Solutions

The first type of remediation possible for homes and businesses with mold damage is surface treatments with antimicrobial products. There are several types of sporicidal and biocide chemicals in our supply. Applying these products can eliminate these surface spores when mold has not penetrated beyond the surface. These chemicals also serve as an inhibitor on building materials yet to be impacted by mold colonies.

Abrasive Cleaning 

The next potential remediation solution from surface cleaning is more aggressive and abrasive, introducing stronger chemicals and mechanical action or high-pressure delivery systems to destroy surface mold. Beyond antimicrobial products, additional remediation methods include:

  • Sanding
  • Soda/Media Blasting
  • Material Removal

How Threatening Are Airborne Odors?

Malodors can be a significant threat to the property and its occupants after damage incidents. This is a substantial obstacle to restoring comfortable living conditions, so the need for cleaning and deodorization by AMRT-Certified technicians is apparent. Odors themselves are rarely physically threatening the house's occupants, but removing the offensive odor is necessary to return to pre-mold conditions. We have multiple deodorizing products and equipment to help.

What Are the Objectives for Mold Damage Repairs?

Repairs are often necessary after damage to your home from mold organisms, so having a qualified team with a contractor license can significantly benefit these actions to be completed quickly and correctly. Some of the common needs include:

  • Replacing discarded materials 

Controlled demolition can often be a necessary remediation approach, but that must be remedied later by replacing discarded building materials and contents.

  • Repairing damaged plumbing

Plumbing systems are often a considerable contributor to mold growth and development conditions. Leaks and ruptures produce damp and moist environments that impact multiple organic materials surrounding it. We can repair this utility to restore water service and prevent hazardous moisture.

  • Preventing recurrences 

Another one of the contributing advantages of a contractor license is performing the necessary work to prevent mold recurrences. Our team can take the required steps to avoid future humid or wet conditions, replacing structural vulnerabilities to replacing portions of compromised plumbing.

Mold damage in New Orleans homes can be a threatening situation for the property and its occupants without swift action. With AMRT-Certified technicians of our SERVPRO of The New Orleans Westbank team ready to mobilize quickly, we can be there fast to help when mold gets discovered. Give us a call now at (504) 248-7526.