Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Ceiling mold stains behind removed ceiling tiles and hole in ceiling cavity

Inspecting Marrero Ceiling Mold Damage After Disaster

Marrero SERVPRO techs gave a detailed inspection and estimate to homeowners. The ceiling in this photo had a hole from a felled tree. While the roof was repaired, the ceiling suffered mold damage and required demolition and renovation.

SERVPRO technician in PPE in front of a doorway with containment

New Orleans Mold Remediation Caused by Rain

Infiltration of rain into this New Orleans property created the need for mold damage remediation by SERVPRO. This photo shows the high level of safety the techs practice through wearing full-body protective clothing. They also limit the potential for cross-contamination in the home through the use of containment methods.

Mold damage on the wall and ceiling above the door

New Orleans Air Conditioner Causes Mold Damage

A homeowner contacted SERVPRO after visible mold damage appeared on her walls and ceiling. The culprit was condensation build-up from an air conditioning unit the homeowner had repaired. SERVPRO techs scoped the property to begin the mold remediation, which involved controlled demo removal of the ruined sheetrock. 

Moisture Left Unchecked Causes Mold

This home had a moisture problem that went unchecked while it was vacant. The moisture problem caused a rather severe mold problem. This sort of thing can get out of hand quickly, but we can help!

Mold From Flood

As you can see from the flood lines on the wall, this home had a substantial flood that left moisture behind. The moisture left behind caused mold to grow on the walls and under the carpets.

Water Leak Causes Mold

This wall developed mold after moisture from a water leak went unnoticed for a short time. It doesn't take long for a problem like this to develop. If you find yourself in this situation. Call us!

Wall Affected By Mold

Moisture problems can lead to bigger problems like mold, as you see in this picture. This home was vacant for a short time, but it was enough for a moisture problem to cause the mold you see here.

Disposal Of Moldy Material

This bag is filled with materials from a mold removal job. We always bring the proper equipment for containment and removal of mold and moisture to prevent further microbial growth. We will properly dispose of affected materials as well.

Stocked and Ready

We always make sure our technicians have the equipment they need when responding to your mold loss situation. From fans to air scrubbers and everything else that might be needed, you can be sure that our technicians are ready with the right equipment to take care of the mold.