Water Damage Photo Gallery

A SERVPRO dehumidifier operating near a wall with removed baseboards and an outlet without a cover

Drying New Orleans Sand Plumbing Installation Water Damage

After a sand plumbing system failure flooded the New Orleans property in this photo, SERVPRO technicians responded to perform demolition. Services include baseboard and sheetrock removal and drying the property with commercial-grade air movers and dehumidifiers.

Air movers and dehumidifier operating on carpet marked with blue tape

Restoring Carpet After New Orleans Water Damage

After a toilet supply leak impacted the master bedroom and bathroom of a New Orleans home, SERVPRO provided demolition and cleanup. The floor in this photo was saved with commercial-grade air movers and dehumidifiers and careful demolition.

Partial drywall removal from a wall and ceiling

Harvey Area Water Cleanup and Demolition Services

SERVPRO rendered water cleanup for this Harvey property, including partial wall and ceiling demolition. Exposed wall and ceiling cavities like the ones shown in the photo accelerate drying and allow SERVPRO to safely replace materials per IICRC guidelines.

Bedroom and closet with partial floor covering and removed baseboards

New Orleans Bedroom and Bathroom Water Cleanup

This New Orleans home had water damage in two bedrooms and a bathroom. SERVPRO techs also remediated mold on ceilings and walls and performed partial demolition. The photo depicts one bedroom with removed baseboards and the floor partially covered.

 Wood floorboards with SERVPRO drying equipment and subfloor exposed

Bogalusa Office Needs Emergency Services Water Damage Clean Up

The building next door to this Bogalusa commercial property had a leak and water migrated inside of the structure. SERVPRO only removed the laminate flooring that showed water underneath and taped down the edges to ensure that the rest of the flooring remained dry during drying.

Bathroom with wet flooring and SERVPRO drying equipment

New Orleans Severe Water Damage In Home

The homeowners in this New Orleans home were not sure where the water came from initially and tried to remove their own tile before calling in SERVPRO to mitigate the damage to their floors and walls in the home. The time that elapsed necessitated a large amount of controlled demo.

Kitchen with SERVPRO drying equipment on exposed cabinet wall

Dishwater Causes Water Damage in Belle Chasse Kitchen

The water damage in this Belle Chasse kitchen ran behind the cabinets rather than out onto the floor presenting a cleanup challenge for SERVPRO. The techs removed the affected cabinets and set up drying equipment to bring down the moisture as rapidly as possible.

Room with SERVPRO drying equipment and home contents

Westwego Supply Line Failure Affects Large Area with Water Damage

Sometimes a packout is necessary to clean up water damage in Westwego properties. After a supply line to a washing machine failed, SERVPRO techs removed the items from this home so they could clean and dry it more quickly.

Bed with SERVPRO drying equipment on wood floor

Jean Lafitte Bedroom Has Ceiling Water Damage

This bedroom in Jean Lafitte had water damage come from above. The ceiling sagged from the water loss and required controlled demo removal by SERVPRO techs. They set up drying equipment to take care of both the ceiling and the bedroom.

SERVPRO equipment in room

Lockport Multi-Room Water Damage Cleanup Needed

A Lockport home wound up with widespread water damage after a valve on a water heater broke and poured water into three bedrooms, hallway and living room. The home require extensive controlled demo for removal of the carpet and delaminated flooring to dry the home thoroughly.

Drying equipment on a tile floor

Water Damage Plus Sewage in New Orleans Home Needs Rapid Action

A toilet in a New Orleans guest bathroom overflowed and left behind water damage that affected the bathroom and master bedroom suite. The technicians removed the sludge and quickly dried rooms. Afterward, the techs used professional cleaning agents to sanitize the loss area and prep it for repairs.

Laundry Room Washer Leak

This carpet suffered from water damage after a washer leak.  The carpet was pulled up and air movers were used to dry under the effected areas.  Contact us at (504) 348-7526 for your water restoration needs.

Utility Closet Water Loss

After a pipe leak this utility closet had signifiant amount of water in the floor.  After mitigation there was residue from the water.  SERVPRO responded immediately and began clean up procedures.

Apartment Water Damage in New Orleans

The Diaster Recovery Team responded to this New Orleans apartment.  The apartment suffered from significant water damage after a storm.  The team responded quickly and began clean up procedures. They used air movers to dry the inside quickly to prevent future damages.  

Water Damage By Washer Hose

When a water line breaks, it can flood a room in a very short time. The lines you see in this picture did just that and caused a significant amount of flooding in this room. 

Dishwasher Disaster

It doesn't take long for a broken water line to cause a lot of problems for you. That is what happened in this case. The line running to the dishwasher broke and filled this kitchen with water.

Common Area Water Damage

SERVPRO has professional equipment for all types of water loss.  They technicians have the training to use this equipment as pictured to ensure the moisture is out of the building to keep further damages from occurring.